Wine Connection announces the International Volcanic Wine Awards.

This competition includes wines made in areas traditionally considered volcanic. The influence of volcanoes on the vineyard is one of the oldest and most fascinating in viticulture and continues to offer us unique and inimitable wines. These wines are enriched with special aromas and a touch of unusual salinity that, over time, will evolve into a marked minerality.

The diverse origins of the volcanic areas translate into soils with different structure, acidity and chemical composition, but all of them with a common denominator: the abundance of mineral elements.

Actualy, we find various areas in the world recognized as “volcanic viticulture” that can participate in this competition, such as: Canary Island and Campo de Calatrava in Spain, Tokaj and the surrounding towns, Somlo in Hungary, the area of Vesuvius to the Vulture (Campania, the Phlegraean Fields, the wines of Vesuvius or the surroundings of the Vulture), Soave, upper Piedmont, and wines from Etna, Pantelleria and the Aeolian Islands in Italy, the Azores and Madeira in Portugal, Santorini in Greece, Languedoc and Auvergne in France, Lake County in California, United States, Choapa Valley and Maule Valley in Chile, Auckland region in New Zealand, wines from the Nahe region in Germany.  

If you consider that your winery produces volcanic wines and is not located in any of these areas, please, contact us to study its inclusion in the contest.                                                                                              


The main objectives of the contest are:

v  Promote the quality, productivity and image of volcanic wine both nationally and internationally.

v  Promote the production of quality wines from vineyards with special terroirs due to the unique qualities of the volcanic soils.

v  Disclose the organoleptic characteristics of these wines among the public.

v  Stimulate consumption by making the trade known and promoting among consumers the wine wealth of the participating wineries, their work and production to create a culture of volcanic wine.

v  Bring together the different categories of wines produced by the different wineries located in enclaves recognized as volcanic in nature and distinguish the best products. This is the first edition of a contest or competition whose sole goal is to publicize and promote all these wines so that their authors obtain greater notoriety and national and international recognition.

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