Wineries and producing, breeding and/or bottling cooperatives from all over the world may participate, as well as all those companies that market wines and special wines that, due to their particularities of origin, production and organoleptic properties, can be considered volcanic, produced in accordance with the following legislation:

- In effect in the producer country, for third countries.

- At Community level for wines from EU member states.

- At national level for French wines.

All these products must be destined for sale and must be from a homogeneous batch of at least 1000 litres. On an exceptional basis, a reduced volume, of at least 100 litres, may be admitted upon justification of a particularly low production. All samples must be presented with labels and commercial presentation.


Wines whose presentation or composition do not comply with the provisions of current regulations and these rules will be disqualified.


Likewise, wines whose companies do not comply with the wine regulations in force in each  country will be disqualified.


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