They must send three glass bottles of wine, provided with a complete closure system, labeled and packaged in perfect condition, being stored in appropriate conditions for their best conservation until the time of the contest (shipping, customs and taxes paid by the sender). The shipping address is:


-Event Connection-

Camino de los Almegares, s/n

13005 Ciudad Real



Telf. +34 926 03 60 60


They must be accompanied by:

- Copy of registration.

- A pro forma bill stating: Samples without commercial value Excise O under EEC Regulation No. 2913/92 of 12/10/92.

- A payment form filled out or proof of bank transfer for the cost of participation.

The period for receiving applications and samples is established from April 8, 2024 until 2:00 p.m. on May 10, 2024, and neither applications for participation nor wine samples received afterward may be admitted.

Samples that arrive late, or that have not been the object of correct registration or that don’t correspond to the registered product will not be presented for the competition, nor returned.


The samples sent remain the property of the person responsible for registration until the tasting. After tasting, the remaining samples are the property of Event Connection.

International Volcanic Wine Awards checks the shipments of wine received and the official documents that accompany them, corrects any possible errors and refuses samples that do not correspond to the regulations mentioned herewith.


It emphasises the correct use of appellations of origin and geographical denominations. The labelling of products made in the EU member states must comply with the Community regulations, and for other countries, this must conform to the regulations in force in the country of production.


It then proceeds to divide the samples according to the characteristics on the declarations or, if necessary, on obvious characteristics.


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