The Technical Management of the Contest will be carried out under the supervision of the designated members of Wine Connection and will have the mission of ensuring its perfect   development, adopting the rules it deems appropriate to guarantee these rules and in particular, it will verify:

  • Registration process, bagging the bottles and assigning codes for the anonymity of the samples.
  • Conservation of samples in appropriate conditions.

§          The optimal conditions for serving the wine, especially its temperature. The wine will be served in the presence of the Jury in glasses suitable for tasting. As a general rule, wines will be       tasted at approximately the following temperatures:

Ø  White and Rosé Wines 6-10º C

Ø  Red Wines and Sweet Wines 15-18º C

Ø  Sparkling Wines and Sparkling Wines8-10 º C 

Ø  Dry liqueur wines 8-10 º C

Ø  Semi-sweet and sweet liqueur wines 12-14º C

  • Maintain the absolute anonymity of the wines presented in the competition, the tasting will be blind.

§     Collection and processing of the tasting sheets: The organization will collect the tasting sheets with the evaluations of each taster and will proceed to their computer processing in order to obtain the decision of the contest. Once the process of collecting and processing the tasting cards is completed, the samples that obtain the highest scores and win prizes will be identified.


The order of presentation of the samples will be carried out by successive homogeneous series of each category following the following order: Still whites from vintages 2022 and 2023, still whites from 2021 and previous vintages, rosés, reds from vintages 2022 and 2023, reds from 2021 and previous vintages, finally, sparkling wines and sweet and fortified wines. The order may vary according to the needs of the tasting.



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